About Us

The idea for MASTERLIZER was created in a small basement studio by musicians. We needed a quick and cost-efficient solution to master all these wonderful tracks and decided that we should develop a tool that would not only help us, but also other musicians around the planet to finish and master their music without having to worry about technical details.

Our concept of mastering is different - we call it masterlizing

Professional mastering services are great and experienced mastering engineers can make the sound of your music really stand out with their years of expertise. MASTERLIZER is NOT a professional mastering service, our approach is different. Our vision is to offer a contemporary alternative to musicians and creatives who maybe cannot afford traditional mastering or don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. We want to make this process easy for everybody.

What can you expect from MASTERLIZER

We designed the service for our needs as musicians — to get good results instantly without having to worry too much about settings or technical details of the sound optimization process. One of the coolest things about MASTERLIZER is that it can handle a variety of material (genres, mix style, levels, etc). We are constantly striving to make MASTERLIZER better everyday, simply hear how it sounds and judge for yourself how good it is.

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